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Lisa is a native Californian.  Although as a child, she lived over-seas in El Salvador and Columbia, her home has always been in California.  Lisa started working at a young age.  By the age of 12, she was earning money training horses and giving riding lessons to people of all ages.  Lisa is an animal lover with a natural affinity for animals.  She also trained dogs in her teens and early adult years.  Lisa studied agriculture and architecture before switching to pre-med and optometry.  Through unforeseen circumstances, she became interested in the law and received a paralegal certificate before entering law school.

After graduation Lisa worked at various civil law firms before settling on workers’ compensation defense.  Lisa has over 15 years’ experience in workers’ compensation defense and enjoys the ever changing and challenging field.  She likes mentoring new workers’ compensation attorneys and especially helping younger women navigate the complex area of workers’ compensation litigation.  Lisa is a problem solver whose natural teaching ability comes in handy during negotiations.


Lisa enjoys being outdoors and working with animals whenever she can.  She also enjoys traveling with her husband and trying new things.

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