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Our commercial real estate law firm handles matters in all stages of real estate development, investment and finance. We represent real property owners, developers, tenants, investors and secured lenders in all facets of acquisition, financing, utilization, development, operation and disposition. We also negotiate and draft commercial leases and represent commercial landlords and tenants alike regarding their respective lease rights and remedies.

With more than 70 years of combined experience, our attorneys provide practical guidance to clients as they navigate the ups and downs of the commercial real estate market. Whether working with borrowers and lenders to restructure debt and ultimately avoid foreclosure or renegotiating leases to address declining rents, we strive to preserve the value of the clients’ real estate investment in the context of the then‐current economic realities.


We advise on matters related to:

  • Due Diligence

  • Real estate financing for all types of transactions, including traditional debt structures, joint ventures, limited partnerships and hybrid debt‐equity structures

  • Purchase, acquisition, operation and sale of agricultural, residential, retail, commercial, office, hotel and resort, industrial and recreational projects

  • Construction and development of office buildings, business parks, shopping centers, farms and mixed use properties

  • Land Use and Entitlements

  • Local and State Planning, Zoning and Development Laws

  • Real Estate Workouts

  • Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions; Easements

  • Commercial leasing, representing landlords or tenants, for offices, industrial properties, hotels, shopping centers, farms and mixed use projects

  • Commercial unlawful detainers, representing landlords or tenants in filing or defending a complaint for unpaid rent or other breaches of a commercial lease agreement

  • Forming entities to hold title to real estate

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