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  • Kevin Cleveland and Hannah Moon

New Victims of Domestic Violence Leave Notice

As we noted in our New Year, New Employee Handbook Updates article, the leave that employers are required to provide for victims of domestic violence has been expanded. As the law stands now, California employers may not discharge or discriminate or retaliate against an employee who is the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or crime or abuse. Employers with 25 or more employees must provide unpaid time off for such victims to seek medical attention, obtain services from a shelter, program or rape crisis center, obtain psychological counseling, or participate in safety planning related to their status as a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault.

This month, the Labor Commissioner's Office published a new notice which states that it includes information that employers MUST provide to new workers when hired and to other workers who ask for it. The notice can be found here. We strongly encourage that employers hand this out to new employees and keep it on hand in case other current employees request such information. Similarly, due to this and other significant changes in the law last year, if you have not updated your handbook recently, please reach out, and we’ll be happy to get your handbook up to date.

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