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WEBINAR: There and Back Again -Remote Work and Returning to the Office in a Pandemic

The Employer's Council, with presentations from Young, Cohen, and Durrett LLP attorneys Dave Cohen and Kevin Cleveland, will host There and Back Again -

Remote Work and Returning to the Office in a Pandemic.

The pandemic and constantly changing government orders have resulted in significant changes to how employers are doing business. Some workers are working from home, some have been furloughed or laid off, some have continued working the whole time, and others have returned only to have to shelter at home a second time. In this free webinar for members of The Employers’ Council and selected invitees, David Cohen and Kevin Cleveland will talk about key issues to consider when employees are working from home or when you are returning employees to the office.

Key issues will include:

· Security · Confidentiality · Internet Access/technology · Productivity and Accountability · Safety/Injuries · How to Return Employees From Working At Home · How to Return Employees From Layoff/Furlough/Leave · What If They Don’t Want to Return · Masks At My Business · Accommodations · How pandemics change the above for employers


This seminar is free to all TEC Members and selected invitees.

To register for this webinar email kcleveland@YCD-law.com so we can provide you with the Video Conference information.

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