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Happy New Year!

Now that you have managed to get past the holidays and re-establish your work pattern, you should be warned that dozens of new laws came into effect January 1, 2019, which will impact Employers throughout the state of California. Many of these of will be covered in our upcoming Annual Update on February 22, 2019, at National University. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jill at jdurrett@ymcdlaw.com.

In addition to legislation, there were also numerous Supreme Court decisions both at the state and federal level which will also impact Employers in the upcoming years. These too will be highlighted at the presentation, and it should prove to be an interesting and active event.

Employers are reminded that California mandated sexual harassment/abusive conduct/transgender rights training for all Employers with five (that’s right, it’s now down to five) employees within six months of hire. Supervisors are mandated to have at least two hours of training every two years after the initial training and non-supervisory personnel are now mandated to have one hour of training as well! Although the Department of Fair Employment & Housing has been tasked with creating online video courses, there is no foreseeable timeline within which that will be accomplished. However, training for Employers with five or more employees must be completed by the end of 2019 or face a violation of law. In-house training is available for all clients of Cohen

Durrett and members of The Employers’ Council, and I strongly urge you to make use of this option as it will not only provide the legal backing that you need, but also provide meaningful training to your supervisors and others in how to address these problems so that you do not become a target of litigation.

In addition to training, Employers are reminded that employee handbooks must be updated annually in order to remain compliant with the ever-changing laws in California. Once completed, the update is a minimal charge for clients of the firm and/or members of The Employers’ Council.

Finally, for members of The Employers’ Council, I strongly recommend that you schedule your free consultation visit at your earliest convenience so that you can be sure that your policies, procedures and postings are compliant with California law. For more information about any of these services or to schedule training, a consultation visit or register for the upcoming annual update, please contact myself at dcohen@ymcdlaw.com or Jill at jdurrett@ymcdlaw.com.

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